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I discuss an amazing event that Pam Taylor and Robert Johnson put on called LoveFest for Lisa on Valentines day. Pam is very involved with an organization called Girls Rock Charlotte where she met a talented young musician named Lisa Bettendorph. Lisa has had a heart defect since birth and just had a 4th successful heart surgery to repair a valve. LoveFest for Lisa was a benefit to help offset medical costs and brought together some great talent to come together and support Lisa and her family. We hope to have Lisa on the podcast in the near future. If you would like to support Lisa you can learn more at the following link:

http://www.stolenhearts hop over to this

Our interview this week is with Cheney Munson from Tacoma Narrows. We talk about the formation of the band; past, present, and future. The passion it takes to move the band forward in an evolving music industry. To learn more about Tacoma Narrows visit their website

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Episode 5: Interview with Tacoma Narrows

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