Welcome to Episode 1…This is How it Starts…

We will be covering all things Sustainable, our efforts with Carolina Farm Trust, and updates on Carolina Jubilee. This episode we introduce the hosts Zack Wyatt and Bill McKenna and give an overview on what this show will be all about.

Thanks so much to our friends Tacoma Narrows for letting us use their song as our intro. We will have them on in a few weeks so you can meet Cheney and hear their story. They will be playing at Carolina Jubilee this fall. 

Thanks also to my co-host Bill McKenna who has is own show called Not Another Podcast. (www.notanotherpodcastusa.com) Bill is an awesome guy that you will get to know. For me this will be my rookie year so please be patient with me as I get better and feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see us cover or tell us how we are doing.

To learn more about Carolina Farm Trust Click Here

On to the show…





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Episode 1: This is How it Starts!

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